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The Complete Guide: How to do Conversion Optimisation Research Step-by-Step (part 2)

1 One step further
2 What do customers really care about?
3 Download your free ebook (part 2)
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The Complete Guide: How To Do Conversion Optimization Research Step-by-Step (part 1)

1 Asking the right questions
2 Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research.
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Advanced segmentation strategies to boost your website revenue (Webinar)

1 Website segmentation at work
2 Step 1: Understanding the business
3 Step 2: Auditing the Analytics data
4 Step 3: Building the segmentation strategy
5 Case study
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How Google Analytics duplicated code affects metrics – FULL guide

1 How can you end up with duplicated code?
2 How to check if your tracking code snippet is duplicated?
3 What’s the damage and what data is reliable?
4 How do I fix it?
5 Can damaged data be corrected and recovered?