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The definitive guide for building a solid GTM architecture

1 Tags. Triggers. Variables. Explain them like I'm five.
2 The five rules of structuring the perfect GTM architecture
3 How to grow a business by following the golden data trail
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A simple 2-step guide for removing PII from GA4 with GTM

1 What's changed in GA4 compared to Universal Analytics?
2 Creating the JS Variable
3 Configuring GA4 for PII removal
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How to leverage Google Analytics data to improve your Facebook campaigns

1 Using Google Analytics to improve Facebook paid traffic
2 The problem with Facebook reports
3 Segmentation: what's this about?
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How to turn more clicks into $$$ by identifying your ideal customer

1 The 3 things every research process should focus on
2 How to get an insider’s perspective into how your customer thinks, speaks, and acts
3 How to turn raw data into valuable insights
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Building a solid Analytics Measurement Plan [step-by-step + free template]

1 Set your business objectives & KPI’s
2 Business Measurement Plan
3 Enrich your data with additional information
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How Google Analytics duplicated code affects metrics – FULL guide

1 How can you end up with duplicated code?
2 How to check if your tracking code snippet is duplicated?
3 What’s the damage and what data is reliable?