I want to leverage data tactics

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Save time and money with a solid GTM architecture

1 Rule #1: Build a measurement plan you can share with any data stakeholders
2 Rule #2: Use a naming convention that’s easy to understand
3 Rule #3: Create a seamless GTM folders structure
4 Rule #4: Keep the IDs and classes unique
5 Rule #5: Leverage data layers wherever you can
6 BONUS: Download our FREE Measurement Plan Template
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How to Remove PII from GA4? Here’s our 2-step GTM Solution

1 Intro
2 Step 1 - Create a new custom JS variable
3 Step 2 - GA4 Configuration
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How to easily setup cookies in GTM using our custom cookie template

1 A custom template for adding & removing cookies
2 Step 1: Add Custom Template
3 Step 2: How to create a Custom Cookie
4 Step 3: How to delete a Cookie
5 BONUS EXAMPLE: The New User Cookie in action