We help online marketers all across the board to leverage data tactics that will (at minimum) 2X their success.

About us

We’ve created courses in which you’ll learn the master concepts that we use in our own daily work at House of Progress. We see the gap between data engineers online marketing specialists - which is how we know that the powerful know-how in this course will escalate your value and success.

  • Understanding how & what data to collect...

  • How to understand your customers’ psychological triggers

  • How to draw & activate actionable insights …

The Super Team

  • Magda Baciu

    Head of Data & Advertising

    Magda started marketing for friends by stealing candies from her mom’s shop to distribute. She now does the grown up thing and studies data science at Oxford University.

    She’s quite overfocused on marketing, statistics and data. Between that and her hobbies in learning genetics, understanding psychology, doing exercise and watching pandas, she doesn’t have much time left for the latest movies. Throw a Harry Potter her way – and super-educated Magda won’t get it at all. 

  • Alina Marginean

    Alina Marginean

    Head Of Data Analysis

    Alina is a great listener. No surprise there, since she’s got a PHD in sociology + she is our in-house computer literate psychologist who discovers what motivates your clients and how to make you drum up lots of business. 

    A side aspect of her job is to listen to Magda’s not-so-funny jokes and to share uber-appropriate gifs. When she thinks we’re not looking, she dances the salsa.   

  • Jasmina Ostoin

    Jasmina Ostoin

    Head of Content Strategy

    Jasmina’s motto: “no panic”. And she has good reason not to, as she’s got the concept of online marketing down pat through formal study and experience. Not to mention, she’s from the select few to multitask well. 

    She gushes over animals, the mountain view and cooking, especially if it’s a new recipe for every single meal. Strike up a conversation with her, she’s charmingly outgoing and would love to chat with you.

  • Alex Holhos

    Alex Holhos

    Head of Data Engineering

    After working in web development and analytics for 5 years, there is NO WAY Alex will let you do anything before he’s got a whole data architecture engineered into your website. His motto: “In God we trust. All others must bring data.”

    Don’t be intimidated, though. He’s super patient and human about it.

  • Georgiana Bodas

    Georgiana Bodas

    Head of Google Ads

    Georgiana has a fancy resume: prior experience working for Google and HP. Being so knowledgeable, she loves teaching. And nothing gets her down – she rolls with whatever you throw her way. 

    She’s a coffee addict and knows how to make a mean cheese cake to go with it. We wish she would send more leftovers our way.

  • Emanuel Ivan

    Emanuel Ivan

    Head of Conversion Rate Optimization

    Emanuel started his career by having fun as a sports reporter. After pivoting to accounting, he ended up with SEO and web analytics, which he’s been doing quite successfully for the past 3 years. 

    He believes in data as a life value, and then in his other hobbies: football (but only as a spectator) and music (which he thinks he can produce). Bring him a guitar and piano and judge his musical abilities for yourself. 

The Super Team

Our north star is to grow the revenue of your business

  • And we can faster achieve this if everyone involved in the project is crystal clear on what are the steps we go through to make a dent.

  • Because in the end as businesses and human beings we want to feel that we progress, understand, grow financially and knowledge-wise.

  • That’s why we built clear and transparent processes we share with you so you can focus on things that really matter to you. And we know you have plenty.


  • Problem Solving

    Finding solutions for a challenge requires creative thinking and a drive to learn new things. It’s one of the most important skills nowadays, especially within startups, because while getting trained it’s also important to work in an independent way such there is no need for micromanagement.

  • Proactivity

    For innovation to happen, it needs people willing to make suggestions, come up with new ways of doing things, while not being afraid of making mistakes. We love curious people that explore new “territories” and bring that positive energy.

  • Focus

    A great mind once said: “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”. It’s very important to know yourself and to experience diverse professional activities but at a certain point you have to make a decision. What’s that thing you’ll get great at and bring value others? Where I invest all my energy in. That makes a tremendous difference and I learnt on my skin, deciding to focus on one business niche.

  • Grit

    The technology area is extremely dynamic and you meet with challenges on a daily basis. You have to crave learning while staying humble. The only way you can deliver significant value is by being patient with yourself during the learning process and keeping the passion and ambition.