What do leading companies in your niche do that you don’t

They don’t just look at data to identify problems. They use data to uncover new growth opportunities and they activate the data to make those opportunities happen.

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It’s time you take a step back

What we’ve learnt in the past 5 years is that 80% of business leaders only look at data when things are falling apart. When conversion rates are going down and all KPIs are freaking out.

Your gut tells you that your conversion rate should be higher but somehow you don’t manage to convert traffic into sales?

In most cases, your product is not the reason this happens, but incorrectly tracked data is making you invest in the wrong areas. Subjective ideas make you invest in the wrong ideas.

And here is what you might be tempted to do:

Increase ad spend

More visitors means a higher change someone will convert, right?


Discount products

Selling more, with a smaller margin … will still bring in more revenue, even though the profit per unit is lower

Nope. Nein. Niet

What if we told you there is a smarter way to go about things and benefit in the long run?

Take that step back and ask yourself:

Do I have all my tracking in place?

You might be tempted to say yes, but from our experience most websites don’t.

The tip here is only data tracking engineers will get the tracking right. Not your developer. Not your marketer. Not your sales person. Sorry guys.

Is my funnel fault-free?

You’ll be certain it is until… it isn’t. Small details usually remain left out, causing huge gaps in revenue.

Before you know it, you spend a crazy amount of dollars, but somehow your visitors don’t convert into customers. Having a data engineer on speed-dial could do the trick though.

So what can you do?

Let us take care of everything. Simple as that.

Thing is, we are here to help you out. We want you to invest your marketing budgets in a smarter way and avoid overspending.

Understand your business model & technical architecture

Before we do anything on your website, we want to know everything about your business, your goals, your pas efforts, your struggles and, of course, your plans for the future.

Build a custom and correct data tracking plan

This might sound simple then it actually is. We’ll bring together our data analysts, data engineers, and marketing specialists to make sure we cover all behavior metrics we are looking for.

Implement your tracking architecture

After implementation, we test it out, make all necessary integrations with 3rd party apps and ensure you that you are not missing any business opportunities.

Leverage data to increase revenue

From here on, it’s an ongoing process. We’ll work together on uncovering growth opportunities for your business, gather actionable insights from your data and come up with testing ideas, discover which channels could bring you more revenue and where your marketing efforts should go to.


Join the entrepreneurs who grew their business with us

From Europe to USA and Canada, we've helped ambitious entrepreneurs grow their business by getting super valuable insights from data they didn't know they had.

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Where most agencies see a problem, we see a challenge. And when there's a challenge, there's always an opportunity to grow. This is where we step in - helping business reach their full potential in no-time.

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Getting involved in various stages on projects it's both challenging and rewarding. We get to impact major business decisions through data-driven insights and celebrate success together with our clients.

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