Conversion Optimization Strategy

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Conversion Optimization Strategy

You’ll finally find out what you need to execute on 
to double your conversion rate within 6/12 months.

We’ll tell you what needs to be changed, so the people 
who knocked at your door, don’t turn to your competitor.

And all this is done by truly understanding your potential clients:
  • What UX obstacles make them run away
  • What are the funnel weaknesses that hits your revenue
  • Why people pick your competitors and how we can change that
  • What are the potential clients’ objections and pain points
  • What’s your client’s language and what does take to build trust straight from their first website visit.
  • Conducting data analysis  (Google/Adobe/Mixpanel Analytics)
  • Listening to your ideal clients (Surveys, Chats Analysis, Interviews)
  • Running heuristic analysis (heatmaps, UX audit, user testing)
  • And mixing thel research insights with the our CRO expertise to build a successful CRO strategy