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About us
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About us

Meet Growth Savvy: The data, process and psychology
driven agency for rapidly growing companies

About us

Elevator pitch? Growing companies hit two big problems early on: you need data and you need to scale.

We help you do both by increasing ROI for all marketing through ad, data and CRO setup and optimization. But, an elevator pitch doesn’t actually tell you anything about us, why (and how) we do this or if we’d be a good fit for you. So, let’s talk about that instead.
About us
About us

Building a process that works in practice

We could tell you about our values. Or our mission. Or how we give back to the marketing community. But on the page, that just comes across as self-congratulatory (and kind of boring). And we’d really rather talk about the important things in virtual (or real) person.

So let’s briefly talk about our process instead: a.k.a. the blueprint we use to build custom growth strategies that work for you.

Over the last 6 years we’ve partnered with over 100 tech companies: they were different sizes, and sold different products to different people in different industries. The one thing they had in common? Every single one was ready to scale. They had the budget and drive to make it happen.


They just needed a custom strategy that:

Starts off small.

We identify the lowest hanging fruit and prioritize every change based on how quick, easy and affordable it
is. (Because increasing sales, also tends to increase the marketing budget for bigger tests and changes.)

Meets you where you’re at and slots into your process.

We break everything down to small, simple steps. And we can become a part of your team or take over
a whole project completely.

Brings in industry-leading experts that stay up to date where necessary.

The data, ads and conversion optimization worlds are constantly changing: that’s why we keep the experts
around on speed dial.

Saves you mental energy and time.

Our clear framework, processes and brief updates make it all as simple as possible so you can rest easy, and still update any decision maker as needed.

And that’s exactly what our team delivers.

About us

“Growth Savvy is the most dedicated, advanced and specialized data team I’ve worked with. “

“They are highly invested in every detail of the project and go above and beyond what’s expected. This kind of in-depth attention to detail and the entire business is hard to find. I can’t recommend them enough.“

About us

Talia Wolf

Founder and Chief Optimizer at GetUplift

About us

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Meet the leadership team behind the agency

About us

Magda Baciu

Founder & Head of Data Strategy

Forbes 30 under 30. Data Science at Oxford. Head of a fast-growing agency and the person who’ll make your data make sense. Magda combines psychology, behavioral marketing and deep data expertise to create the right growth strategy for your business. (And she likes pandas. A lot.)
About us

Alina Marginean

Partner & Head of Data Analysis

What happens when you combine a PhD in sociology with killer data skills? A master analyst. (And a great salsa dancer: though that one might not be related.) Alina leads our data analysis team: she makes sure every piece of your data toolkit is talking to every other piece. (And that they’re doing it correctly.)
About us
About us

Jasmina Ostoin

Partner & Head of Advertising

The brain behind your winning ad campaigns. With 11 years in the digital ad space, she’s seen it all: the early years of Facebook ads, the launch of Insta campaigns, the evolution of Google Ads… But Jasmina didn’t stick to just ads: she’s worked in all the major marketing roles so she knows, instinctively, how your data overlaps with creativity.
About us

“We approached Growth Savvy initially to try and solve the unsolvable.“

“Their team is professional and worked endlessly to go above and beyond to help us overcome all of our issues. We’ve been using them ever since and rely on them for complex tracking and analytic solutions.“

About us

Steven Braun

Founder of Fièra Cosmetics