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The proof is in the percentages


Decrease in acquisition cost
in 3 month



Increase in conversion rate
in 6 month



Increase in revenue
in 3 month


“GrowthSavvy’s passion for data analytics and customer research sets them apart and empowers them to deliver fantastic results.“

“We turned to the Growth Savvy team for help just after raising our first round of investment because we were under extreme pressure to prove traction to our investors.

They helped scale, while decreasing the acquisition cost per user by 67%. The Growth Savvy team was always hands-on and proactive in our relationship, and this allowed us to focus our efforts on other areas within our business.”


Eduard Burghelia

Founder of Confidas


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The Comprehensive Advertising Audit

Everything you need to know to improve ad performance across every campaign and platform.

The comprehensive advertising audit is perfect for both fast-growing companies and companies that have hit conversion plateau. Our advertising and conversion experts will audit your current advertising campaigns, tracking, funnel, audience and audience’s language, and create a step-by-step advertising plan you can start implementing immediately.

Step 1: Understanding your Status Quo

Every advertising project starts here. We’ll review everything you’re already doing, get to know how your customers talk and think about you, find out exactly how you fit in your market, and map this to your ad strategy and business goals.

This includes:

  • Ad data setup and tracking.
    Review your setup and make sure all advertising data is tracked, collected and catalogued properly across each platform so you can get reliable metrics for every step.
  • Qualitative research.
    Run visitor and customer surveys, interviews and a full-scale behavioral analysis.
  • Audience targeting and campaign structure.
    Identify the most profitable cold and warm audiences and build campaigns using the triggers that make them take action.
  • Full funnel UX and creative analysis.
    Audit the UX of all funnel assets to find conversion optimization opportunities. We’ll identify friction points, roadblocks, and opportunities.

Step 2: Building the advertising action plan

We’ll distill all the qualitative and quantitative research into one easy to use, prioritized report designed to help increase ad ROI.

Check what will be included in the report:

  • Reveal the high-converting audiences you should start targeting (and pinpoint the ones that need to be ignored)
  • Outline the custom data setups you need to get reliable ad reports (and guide targeting algorithms the correct way)
  • Find — and eliminate — friction points
  • Share the key messages you need to use in your copy
  • Reveal the type of creatives that are certain to make your audience stop scrolling and start converting
  • Build a custom campaign structure that maximizes ROI
  • Identify landing page optimization opportunities to increase conversion rate and ads performance
  • Empower your marketing and sales teams with key customer insights that will help improve performance

Get the best ROI from your advertising investment

That’s the ultimate promise behind the Comprehensive Advertising Audit. It’s how hundreds of companies have improved campaign performance, increased per dollar ROI and grown revenue while reducing the cost of acquisition. So if advertising campaigns play a major role in your growth strategy— and you want to run them as efficiently as possible — this report is the right place to start.

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“Decreased the cost of acquisition by 200% in 3 months“

“The Growth Savvy team goes above and beyond. In just 3 months, they came up with creative campaign ideas, a full optimization strategy and decreased the acquisition cost by 200%. We can’t wait to see what comes next.“


Rahim Madhavji

CEO @ KnightsbridgeFX

Managed Advertising Services

Our team takes care of everything you need to improve ad performance across every campaign and platform.

The managed advertising services are perfect for fast-growing companies and companies that have hit conversion plateau but aim to scale in the next year, investing in Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google Ads with an “at capacity” internal marketing team that needs extra support.

Our advertising and conversion experts will audit your current advertising efforts and create a comprehensive insights report that will work as a  solid  foundation  for your  advertising strategy.

Part 1: The complete analysis of everything

Step 1: Status Quo Analysis

Every advertising project starts here. We’ll review everything you’re already doing, get to know how your customers talk and think about you, find out exactly how you fit in your market, and map this to your ad strategy and business goals.

  • Before implementing anything, your advertising efforts will undergo an audit. This is when our advertising, data and conversion experts will analyze your current advertising efforts, campaigns, tracking, budget distribution, audience, creatives, landing pages etc.
  • After we are done auditing, we’ll put together an exhaustive report that will help shape the advertising strategy and beyond.
  • You’ll be able to tell what makes your target audience buy from you, how they perceive your brand and what keeps them awake at night.

Step 2: Define and implement your scalable advertising strategy

We’ll use the complete audit to establish the core messages, design and sales flow for winning advertising campaigns across each platform. In the process, we’ll define optimization cycles and run campaign testing that will:

  • Set up the correct data baseline.
    This creates an accurate foundation for ad testing, maximizing results and making optimization easy. (We’ll optimize your existing setup or start again if necessary.)
  • Establish all core messaging, design and sales flow.
    We’ll set up ad creatives and optimize key steps of the funnel.
  • Set up a monthly testing program.
    You’ll know exactly what we’re running, why we’re running it and what we discover. (Plus, you’ll have ready to share reports with other execs and board members.)
  • Start with the lowest hanging fruit.
    We’ll make the simplest changes, with the greatest potential impact first.

We’ll take online advertising off your shoulders
and get you the results you need to grow

That’s the ultimate promise behind our managed advertising services. It’s how our clients increase sales, grow revenue, and reduce the cost of acquisition by bringing in experts that keep up with every trend, technical change, and new channel opportunities. So if you’re looking for an external team of experts that feels like an in-house, this is one of the smartest ways to get work done.

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“We’d reached the point where we had to scale faster.“

When we came to Growth Savvy, we’d grown our business organically for 8 years. Things got off on the right foot almost immediately. Their first campaign got us a return of $12 for every $1 we invested!

They are keen on research and data, they’re creative AND dedicated to learning about the entire business. What more can you ask for?


Ali Abrahimia

CEO at Walls Need Love

The best of three worlds, rolled into one

Keeping a team of industry-leading data, ads and CRO experts on staff is (almost) impossible. Why? Because anyone who is driven, curious and talented enough to “get” it all either gets promoted out of the day-to-day or starts their own consultancy.

That’s why we did both: everyone on our leadership team owns a stake in the agency and still is keen and genuinely passionate about their work and the projects they build. (It helps us lead and keeps us technically sharp at the same time.)

We bring all the key optimization pieces together








App and Web Data Tracking






Competitive +
Market Research



Is investing in advertising with Growth Savvy the right move for you?

At this point, we don’t know anything about you so there’s no real way to answer that question. Advertising isn’t magic. Neither are we. But, for the right clients, with the right strategy, what we do can feel like data-driven, growth-creating magic. A major part of that comes down to fit: for this to work, your team and our team need to fit together like lego bricks.


The easiest way we found to work that out is a strategy call:

We get to meet, figure out the root advertising challenges blocking your path to growth and talk through ways of solving it. This shows you how we think. (And it shows us how you think.) If we like and trust each other enough after that first call, it sets us up on the right path to solve big ad challenges together. Sounds good?

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