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The Complete Guide: How to do Conversion Optimisation Research Step-by-Step (part 2)

1 One step further
2 What do customers really care about?
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The Complete Guide: How To Do Conversion Optimization Research Step-by-Step (part 1)

1 Asking the right questions
2 Quantitative Research and Qualitative Research.
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Cut your data analysis time in half with correct URLs architecture

1 Faster Segmentation
2 Better website tracking
3 How to build an effective URL architecture
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Building a solid Analytics Measurement Plan [step-by-step + free template]

1 STEP #1: Set your business objectives & KPI’s
2 STEP #2: Business measurement plan
3 STEP #3: Check that our data is accurate
4 STEP #4: Enrich Your Data With Additional Information
5 STEP #5: Create A Technical Implementation Plan
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How to leverage Google Analytics data to improve your Facebook campaigns

1 What’s the issue?
2 The problem with Facebook reports
3 Segmentation: what’s this about?
4 The correct approach to segmentation
5 Advanced segmentation